EDIT PLC is a creative and innovative architectural and engineering firm in Ethiopia, serving the construction industry since 2001. Our broad experience gives us the ability to analyze the feasibility of your projects against the proposed scope, budget and schedule. We design and manage the construction of any project types and styles from those with very small budgets to those with very generous ones, from very large buildings to intimately detailed furniture pieces.

Recently EDIT PLC broadens its service to engage in water well drilling business since June 2010. It helps our company to take part in today’s fast growing need of developing natural resources, mainly in the field of consultancy and drilling. Currently we earned ISO 9001:2008 Certification and we are rending services in the areas of Architectural and Engineering design works, Geotechnical Investigation and Laboratory Tests, Shallow and Deep Water Well Drilling Services, Hydrogeology, Site Investigation, Geophysics Study and Feasibility Study.

An extensive blend of professionals is our key asset that enables us to render unique, creative and innovative solutions to the needs of our clients.We are staffed with Ethiopian, American, and Turkish nationals who are professionally qualified in a wide range of engineering, hydro-geological investigation, and drilling disciplines. The Ethiopian professionals are from various ethnic groups and can speak various local languages, which enables the company to operate in various regions of Ethiopia.

Our Vision:

To align our services with the local Government Development Plan, we are expanding our services in Infrastructure, agriculture, sustainable projects, and real estate development sectors. We envisage ourselves to be the leading engineering service provider in east Africa.

Our Mission:

While our work is varied in type, style and scale, the important common thread through all of our projects is that we put the needs and goals of our clients first.  We listen and strive to exceed your requirements.  We make your goals our own, and we work hard to meet those goals with integrity and efficiency.

EDIT PLC  |  Architecture + Engineering

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